“What is Blockchain” is one of the first questions people ask when hearing about Bitcoin. However, the answer is often confusing. Although the answer does NOT need to be complicated, it usually is depending on who you ask. Generally answers to “What is Blockchain” are technical and confusing to newcomers scaring them away from the breakthrough technology. We know first hand when we first tried to learn about Blockchain!

What is Blockchain & Why Should I Care?

We believe that blockchain network technology is the key technological advancement of the 21st century. They will change the way we live and work, whether we like it or not. “Change is the only constant in life” so it is vital for everyone to learn about this technology and brace for the inevitable changes to come. Our team is committed to consistently learning about new developments, exploring new cryptocurrency use cases, & helping spread knowledge to those who are seeking it. We want to help those thinking about investing in cryptocurrency but are on the fence.

You don’t have to know every little thing about about how blockchain networks operate to get the full picture! What you do need is someone who can break down these complicated ideas into easy to understand pieces of information. This is why we are here. Welcome to BlockMinded.

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When Moon?
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Is Bitcoin A Bubble?
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Proof of Work Energy Consumption
Can Proof of Work Survive?
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